by Brent Grening, CEO

My mentor was a student of baseball. As a coach he knew every pitch wouldn’t be a strike, or every swing a hit. He did not expect perfection – but he worked for it. He knew what he wanted. He did not aspire to coach a World Series team; he taught players to play to their highest ability. His name was Roy Randel and he was a Port Commissioner for many years. Roy helped people move from one level of play to the next. He taught us to first, “know what we want then go out and get it.” In pursuit of our goals, he coached us to “get better every day.” Excellence comes from hard work, practice and discipline. In baseball, Roy found a winning philosophy for life.

So as we go forth with new projects and new opportunities, Roy’s words still echo. Hard work and striving for excellence every day makes sense to me, especially as Ridgefield grows. Now that the economy has turned around and development comes our way, we will follow Roy’s philosophy.

Ridgefield is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Our job at the Port is to make sure it stays that way even as we as a community continue to grow and evolve. Our goal is to help people and our community move forward, from one level to the next.

That’s what we want for the Port and for Ridgefield. So let’s go out and get it.