Bruce Wisemanby Bruce Wiseman, Commissioner

We saw it coming, and it’s here. Ridgefield is the fastest growing community in Washington and growth is a trend our community must manage.

We can accommodate growth. My fellow Port Commissioners and I strongly believe that good stewardship is the key to harnessing new investment and development to build a strong, healthy, livable community.

I have spent a lifetime on the side of stewardship– that is the protection, conservation and wise use of resources. As a Christmas tree grower for over 35 years, stewardship and sustainability are not options or buzz-words; they’re essential for the ongoing health of the crop and my business. And it’s the same for Ridgefield.

Environmental stewardship is an integral part of the Port’s philosophy. I was elected Port Commissioner on a platform of environmental responsibility, including the need to invest in the clean-up of Ridgefield’s waterfront. We’ve accomplished that, but now as we look forward there’s more work to be done. Caring for our waterways and improving water quality are still Port goals. To that end we are pushing for dredging of the mouth of Lake River by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. This work needs to be done to allow the river to flow more freely, which will have a positive effect on the Wildlife Refuge as well as Vancouver Lake – not to mention boater safety.

In Ridgefield, stewardship is a value we share with the School District, the City, the Refuge and probably you. So let’s not fear growth, let’s put care of our community assets first. We can protect what makes us special, conserve our resources and make sure that what we do today does not trade on the ability of future Spudders to prosper and enjoy this wonderful place. That’s what a sustainable community is. And I look forward to working with you to make it happen.