by Brent Grening, CEO

If you’re relatively new to Ridgefield and North Clark County, the number of changes in the Discovery Corridor may be taken for granted. Freeway exits for Ridgefield, Battle Ground and Salmon Creek weren’t here just a few years ago. Neither was the cluster of healthcare services centered around Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center and The Vancouver Clinic. Research and higher education have an established presence now, and plans are set to expand even further. Entertainment and recreational amenities are also becoming part of the area’s lifestyle – not to mention Ridgefield emerging as a regional employment hub – with over 4,000 jobs in a city of 6,500 people.

The Discovery Corridor is the leading edge of economic opportunity in Clark County. Residential development was the first wave of growth to move up the Corridor. Road and utility improvements came with it. Together, the opportunity for jobs and economic development was created.

Our economic potential and livability was on full display at a recent community meeting of state and local agencies held in Ridgefield. Twenty-plus citizens also joined the conversation. The pride and optimism people expressed for the Discovery Corridor was impressive. It shows a deep commitment to keeping this place special while moving it to its full potential. This spirit is what makes the people here so unique – and the future of the Discovery Corridor so exciting.