In November, the Port of Ridgefield was awarded just over $1 million in combined grant and low interest loan funding from the Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board. CERB provides funding to local governments and federally recognized tribes for public infrastructure that supports private business growth and expansion. Earlier this year the port received a $2 million capital request made to the Washington state legislature for the project, allowing the port to start site work and seek project permits from the City of Ridgefield.

With the CERB funds, the port can now move to construct a building totaling around 40,000 square feet on a port owned industrial development site at Wisdom Ridge on S. 11th Street in Ridgefield. The 3.5-acre building site is directly adjacent to the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife building, another port development. Earlier plans were for three buildings comprising a total of 44,000 square feet, but a recent decision was made to construct one large, divisible building.

The building will accommodate one or multiple tenants. Zoning allows office, manufacturing/shop space and some warehousing space. Port staff member Ethan Perry prepared the CERB application and presented the project to the 19-member CERB board. The board is comprised of representatives from state agencies, the state legislature, public-sector businesses and recognized tribes, as well as city, county and port officials from around the state. Perry said port representatives are excited about the award and are looking ahead to project completion.

“Our port commissioners are thankful that the CERB board understood the value this development brings to our community,” Perry said.

Scott Hughes, commission chair for the port, supported Perry’s comments.

“We appreciate CERB’s vote of confidence in the port and assisting us with our mandate to grow jobs in the Discovery Corridor.”

For more information about leasing space, contact Project Lead Ethan Perry by calling 360.887.3873 or email