In Opinion

As crazy as our political, social, and economic climate are right now,
certainty is beyond our grasp. It’s difficult to know where we’ll be by the end
of the week, let alone this time next year.
What we do know though, is that the Port must continue to forward ideas
and projects. We keep planning because we believe things will work out and
progress will be made.

Autumn is when the Port develops its plans and budgets, projecting
several years out and determining what investments we’ll make. We do this
annually – the many projects in play today were once just ideas on sticky
notes. The rail overpass was once a line on a map – today its coming out
of the ground. Two buildings now under construction on South 11th, Phase
3 of the Discovery Ridge retail center and broadband improvements we’re
working on were envisioned earlier and are now reality.

Our newest project, the Discover IT3 Center, has evolved from a rough
concept several years ago to a Port-led initiative to build economic recovery
and resiliency in the Discovery Corridor and Southwest Washington through
innovation assistance. The common theme that runs through all Port
projects is “readiness.”

Port investment in infrastructure, property, recreational opportunities,
technical knowledge, innovation, insight and acumen – are all undertaken to
support economic and community recovery and resiliency.

Thus, as the pandemic persists, we’ll be working to make Ridgefield and
the Discovery Corridor a better place to live, work and grow a company.
And as the pandemic fades – and it will – our community can move forward
more quickly, better prepared – and even stronger.

Tough times come and go. As a community port, our job is to work, plan,
invest and be prepared to seize opportunities for the good of those who live
and work in this place we call home.

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