Land & Buildings

At Port of Ridgefield, we are always hard at work making the best use of local resources and work force.

With this mission in mind, we’re invested in developing available land in our area, and have specific plans for making these areas hubs of community improvement. The following areas represent major zones of development in the next few years.

Miller's Waterfront with boats rendering
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Millers’ Landing on the Ridgefield Waterfront

Metro areas don’t often feature undeveloped waterfront properties, especially those that border a 5,500-acre National Wildlife Refuge. However, this area exists in Ridgefield and is ready for development. With location advantages including 3-mile proximity to I-5, 25-mile distance from Downtown Vancouver and a 30-minute drive away from Downtown Portland, this area is ripe for the developing.

Discovery Ridge aerial small
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Discovery Ridge

Ridgefield’s available land marks a major opportunity in business development. Advantages of developing here include a 20-minute drive to PDX, 2-minute driving proximity to the New Interstate 5 Interchange, and location in the heart of the Discovery Corridor, just ten minutes from Washington State University. Flexible zoning in the area leaves Discovery Ridge open for residential, commercial, and light industrial development, a win for local residents and business owners.

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Wisdom Ridge

Wisdom Ridge has two port-owned parcels zoned light industrial available.  One parcel is planned & entitled for an 112,000 sq. ft. building. Flexible purchase/lease terms. Property is best suited for:

  • Headquarter locations
  • Office commercial
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical devices
  • Renewable energy
Essex Silver Line building
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If you’re currently running a business, or an entrepreneur looking to start up for the first time, The Port of Ridgefield offers desirable tax incentives and ready, developable land. Start your company off – or continue it – on the right foot in one of these exceptional locations!