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The IT3 DISCOVERY CENTER is for FOR BUSINESSES, STUDENTS, WORKERS. This Port of Ridgefield initiative is a collaborative, hands-on center of innovation and education to foster the region’s technological advancement, global competitiveness. For the full article with more information about the project and its status, read the article in our Winter 2021 PortWorks newsletter.


Bruce Wiseman
IT3 will introduce Ridgefield folks from K-20 to retirement age to skills in the latest technologies, opening doors to good jobs that don’t always require a four-year college degree. There’s a huge sector of our local population that needs help. IT3 will help people live, learn, work and succeed without leaving Clark County.




Joe Melroy

I’m a port commissioner because I want my kids to raise my grandkids here; I suspect others do, too. The only way we can do that is if we have good jobs here, and jobs are going so technical – smart cars, smart homes, smart technology to operate companies – someone has to learn, teach and make the technology so these things work. The port’s mission is to improve the economic climate of Ridgefield and the Discovery Corridor –bringing IT3 here is one of the best ways we can do just that.



Scott Hughes
This is a fantastic opportunity for business owners to take part in the fourth industrial revolution. To succeed in Industry 4.0, industries and companies need to adopt new technologies – which can be very challenging. But businesses don’t have to go it alone. IT3 is designed to help businesses and workers make the shift and become drivers, not merely consumers of, technology, products and services rendered by Industry 4.0.

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