Good Communication Makes for Great Community

By Joe Melroy, Commissioner

When you want to get something done as a team, communication is the name of the game. It’s no different when we’re working as a community to get something done – success depends on communication. At our annual day-long work session in November (See APEX, page 2), we spent a lot of time talking about how building an excellent community requires good communication. In Ridgefield, we’ve historically done a pretty good job of this, but there’s always room for improvement.

The Port believes in the power of partnerships to build strong communities. The Port, school district, cities in our district and citizens must work together and support and rely on each other – no one player can do it all. Teamwork, communication and team-play make us a better community – meaning a better place to live, work and raise a family. With this comes the need to understand the mission and challenges each agency faces and manages – like limited funding, legal requirements and public process that typically includes multiple state and federal agencies.

So how do we gain the knowledge about how we can help each other? We communicate. We talk to each other. We ask questions, and we work together to find solutions.

Why? Because our community is stronger when we work together. Our collective voice to state and federal funding agencies rings louder and yields greater results than if we act individually.

To help foster the important communication necessary to build an excellent community, I invite you to connect with me if you have questions. Don’t be shy! Call or email me via the port, and I’ll be happy to sit down over coffee to listen and provide answers as I’m able. I look forward to hearing from you soon.