In Opinion

By Brent Grening, CEO

In the early part of 2020, two projects we’re working on here at the Port have one thing in common – they connect people to places.

The Pioneer Street Rail Overpass is now under construction; we broke ground in late March. When completed in about a year, the overpass will provide a direct link from downtown Ridgefield to the waterfront. Drivers, cyclists and walkers will have a safe, quick route from Downtown’s restaurants and shops to the Ridgefield waterfront, Lake River and the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge.

When the overpass is completed, the at-grade railroad crossings at the foot of both Mill Street and Division Street will be closed to all auto, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

In order to maintain a direct connection between Ridgefield’s northwest neighborhoods and the waterfront, the Port is proposing to build a pedestrian overpass over the BNSF rail line near Division Street. (See article and map, page 2). With a pedestrian overpass in place, area residents and visitors will be able to use Ridgefield’s expanding network of trail to access the waterfront and wildlife refuge. Throughout the planning process we want your input – you can connect to us via our social media platforms or email

Together these two projects continue to build connectivity within the Ridgefield community. Walkability consistently ranks as one of the highest citizen priorities. The Port Commission supports this lifestyle priority and is therefore put-ting its resources toward projects that serve to strengthen walkability opportunities – weaving Port work into the very fabric of Ridgefield.


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