A Project Worth Doing Take Perseverance

By Bruce Wiseman, Commissioner

As a former and longtime employee of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – the agency that manages the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge – I’m thrilled to hear the news that funding has come through for a multi-purpose building to house the employees who manage the Refuge Complex. This has been a long-planned facility that’s been on the drawing board for nearly 25 years.

Like many important projects that have been envisioned and accomplished in Ridgefield, this one took a great deal of time, the energy of many people, and plain hard work.

The Port of Ridgefield knows how daunting it can be to continue putting forth resources to a project that can take 20 years from vision to completion. Funding shortages, political shifts, and navigating myriad permitting agencies can wear folks down.

One of the port’s best examples of staying the course on a project for the good of our community is the 20-year waterfront clean-up effort. Heck, I suspect newcomers to Ridgefield don’t know of a time when it was a polluted industrial site!

Another example of port vision, long-range planning and execution is the Pioneer Street Rail Overpass project, which will begin its final phase soon. This project has required pushing, prodding and patience on the part of port staff over a nearly 20-year period. Laurie Olin, our Director of Operations, gets high praise from my fellow commissioners and me for keeping the project moving.

So, if it seems like a project will take too long, consider that if you don’t envision it, plan for and just do it….it will be further in the future before the community benefits. The good news? Your port is here to take on these tough projects now and into the future.