In Opinion

As port commissioners we’ve been unbelievably fortunate to have an
intelligent, visionary, and productive leader as Port CEO for nearly 24 years
– yes, you read that correctly – 24 years! With current CEO Brent Grening
heading to his long-planned retirement in early January, our commission has
been working through a succession plan and hiring process to find the right
person to be the Port’s next great leader. We believe we’ve found that person
in Randy Mueller, who will replace Brent as Port CEO.

Many of you remember Randy as the port’s former business development
director, a position he successfully managed for around seven years. With no
upward mobility opportunities at the Port of Ridgefield, Randy looked outward
and was hired as the CEO for the Port of Chehalis eight years ago. While in that
role, my fellow commissioners and I have been impressed with his economic
development and community connection accomplishments there.

Randy brings more than newly gained port management experience with
him back to Ridgefield. He also is intimately familiar with our community and
its culture, has a home here, and has been wanting to return. Additionally, his
appointment as CEO returns a degree of institutional memory to the Port –
something we will lose when our longtime CEO departs.

At the Port, we’re very happy to be on the receiving end of Randy’s leadership
abilities and his enthusiasm for all things Ridgefield– we think our community
will be, too.

We encourage you to welcome Randy back to Ridgefield when he rejoins our

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