by Brent Grening, CEO

2016 looks like it’s going to be a big year for Ridgefield and north county. Rapid residential home construction will continue. More people here will create more demand for retailers and opportunities for other job providers. Will 2016 be the year when Ridgefield gets a grocery store? I wouldn’t bet against it. Ridgefield is poised for retail investment and we’ll see job-rich development continue too.

Much of what’s in store for Ridgefield will result from growth in the Portland Metro area. As Portland grows, we too will grow. In addition, as lease rates in Seattle match those in San Francisco, we expect more companies and people seeking an affordable Northwest address to put Ridgefield on their list. I expect all of Clark County to experience strong growth for the next five to six years. Ridgefield, in the path of accelerating urban demand, is in line to become the next regional hub in the Metro economy.

As a community, we have been planning and positioning ourselves as best we can to prepare for and manage this growth cycle. Installation of our new wastewater system, road and intersection improvements and even land use and comprehensive planning have been made with an eye to economic trends that will impact greater Ridgefield. To be sure, challenges and opportunities will abound in a growth environment. As a publicly-owned entity, our role is clear. We will work with all of you to build a strong, livable com- munity. Working together is a Ridgefield tradition and the secret to our success as a community.

As 2016 moves out of the starting blocks, the tradition rolls on. We look forward to working with the community to bring our projects to life. Here’s to a healthy, prosperous year for all of us.