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Port of Ridgefield Commissioner Joe Melroy, (left) and Ethan Perry, business development staff and project manager, confer at the port-owned Ridgefield industrial site where two new metal buildings, comprising a little over 43,000 square feet of space for lease in early 2021, are rising from the ground.

At a Port of Ridgefield-owned industrial development site in the Wisdom Ridge industrial park at S. 11th Street, the grinding and constant noise coming from a bevy of construction-related vehicles, the clank of metal-on-metal and the presence of freshly-laid and graded gravel is a sure sign building construction is well underway. For Port of Ridgefield’s Ethan Perry, who is managing the port’s 43,000 square feet-plus project, those sights and sounds are music to his ears.

“With the challenge of a myriad of moving parts, we were pushing hard to get the groundwork done before the rainy season,” Perry said. “I’m happy to report that we accomplished it, because project delays cost the Port – and any developer – additional dollars and lost revenue.”

With that time window successfully met, Perry expects the project to be completed and ready for tenants in early 2021. The contractor for this design-build project is Rotschy Inc., headquartered in Vancouver. The engineering firm on the project is Mackenzie, with offices in Portland, Ore. and Vancouver.

This new Wisdom Ridge project on a 3.5-acre site directly adjacent to another port-developed project – the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife building – includes construction of two metal buildings for single or multi-tenant use. Each building will be 21,600 square feet and is divisible into 5,400 square feet minimum spaces; tenant suites will include space for office, manufacturing/shop space, and some warehousing. The estimated cost of the project, not including the land value, is $5.9 million.

In 2019 the port received $2 million in financial support for the project from the Washington State legislature and later a $1 million grant from the Community Economic Revitalization Board. CERB is comprised of state legislators, state agency representatives, public-sector businesses and recognized tribes, as well as city, county and port officials from around the state.

Port of Ridgefield commissioners envisioned this development to bring jobs to the Discovery Corridor. Joe Melroy, port commissioner, expressed appreciation for the votes of confidence that led to significant funding support.

“We couldn’t have pursued this project without the financial support of the state and CERB,” Melroy said. “We appreciate the involved parties understood our Wisdom Ridge development meets the port’s mandate to grow
jobs in Ridgefield and the greater Discovery Corridor. “And,” he added, “getting this property on the tax rolls reduces the tax burden for local residents.”

Port of Ridgefield CEO Brent Grening said the port is seeking letters of intent from potential lessees and will announce tenants as leases are finalized.

For leasing information contact Ethan Perry at the Port of Ridgefield by calling 360.887.3873 or email

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