Bruce Wiseman

by Bruce Wiseman, Commission Chair

Hello Ridgefield folks! We hope you enjoy our newsletter with its updated look. It’s great to let our community know what’s happening at the Port, and to provide insight on issues that people ask us about – like the article about grocery store development factors.

There is a great deal going on at the Port and in Ridgefield. The economy has picked up, and so has demand for Ridgefield property. The announcement this spring that Clark College purchased 59
acres for a north Clark County campus is one more reason we’ll see additional development come our way.

We’ve long known that as the Portland-Metro area grows, it’s pushing new development up I-5 to Ridgefield. With lower property taxes and no income taxes, heading north can make financial sense for people and businesses.

Ridgefield has been preparing for this demand for many years. We’ve made public investment in a new highway interchange that makes for safer and efficient travel in and out of town, our schools are undergoing major improvements, our sewer system is being upgraded to meet future demand, and the Port has cleaned up its waterfront property for new development. We’re in good shape to handle growth.

How we handle that growth going forward is important, too. There are questions we need to start asking of residents, business owners and community leaders. How do we want new development to look and feel? How do we get the high quality we all want? How will the different sections of Ridgefield fit together and support each other?

At the Port, we’re ready to work with the community to answer these questions to insure a healthy environment and strong economy. Together we can make sure Ridgefield continues to be a great place to live and work.