Joe Melroyby Joe Melroy, Commissioner

Building a community is like building a bonfire – Start small, create a spark, invite some people and build from there. Soon, everyone gathered feels the warmth of the fire and the friendship it took to build it. Those same principals apply in the process of building our town and our community. The citizens
of Ridgefield, the Port, the City, the School District, the Ridgefield Business Association, Main Street program, the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of the Refuge and many others are doing their part to “fuel the fire” and build our community into the exceptional place it is.

Now’s an exciting time in Ridgefield. The Port and City have rolled up their sleeves and are working together to nurture and enhance the town’s livability. The City, through its sub area planning, (see page 1) is now working with the public and other stakeholders to understand the elements that make this a great place to live and work. When the planning effort is completed, the Port can help to support and drive toward the vision and desires of the community.

And yes it’s true, the market will dictate some of the outcomes and the timing (we don’t always get what we want when we want it!) But with all of us pitching in, I think we’ll find that as our community gets bigger, we’ll continue to bask in the warmth of the place we call home. Why? Because we’ve all worked together to kindle the flames of positive, productive growth and made some good friends in the process.

If you have an idea for Ridgefield, join us and we’ll keep the fire burning. To learn more about the Port of Ridgefield you can come to one of our meetings, or just call me for a cup of coffee – you’re welcome at my camp fire anytime.