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What is a Port?
A port district in the State of Washington is a municipal corporation, organized under state law and authorized by a majority vote of the residents in the proposed district, and governed by a locally elected board of commissioners. A port is NOT part of City or County government.

Does the Port collect taxes?
Yes, the Port collects a property tax levy on land within the Port District. The 2020 property tax rate for the Port was $.17 per $1000 of assessed value, or $17 for property valued at $100,000. In 2020 the Port collected $654,588 from this tax.



What makes up the Port’s revenue budget?
In 2020 the Port’s revenue from local property taxes represented about 33% of its budget. The remainder of the budget is funded primarily by income from  its real estate sales and leases, boater use fees and return on any invested dollars.

How do I arrange for a tour of the Port facilities?
To schedule a tour contact the Port at (360) 887-3873 or info@portridgefield.org.

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