Scott Hughesby Scott Hughes, Commissioner

Our community is poised for the growth that IS coming our way. How we grow will determine our future. If we pursue a path toward quality in all aspects of our efforts – clean environment, clean businesses, quality development, protection of our natural areas, access to good healthcare, jobs with higher-than average earnings – we can continue to enjoy a highly livable community.

How do we get there? I believe a quality lifestyle and economy require access to quality education. Parents want to raise their children where there are good K-12 schools. Businesses want to locate where there is a skilled and educated workforce.

With high-quality schools in the Ridgefield School District, Clark College programs and future Ridgefield facilities, and continuing and expanding programs at WSU Vancouver, our children have the advantage of achieving a higher education within and near their community. And, employers gain skilled employees they didn’t have to recruit from outside the area at considerable time and expense.

If there is one building block to a quality life, it is education. It is the fundamental foundation on which we build our careers, earning potential and the ability to care for ourselves and our families. It helps to create a quality community.

We are privileged to have access to high quality pre and post-secondary education in Ridgefield. So those opportunities, coupled with maintaining a course for quality development and protecting our natural environment – on TOP of Ridgefield’s infrastructure readiness and ample land for development, we will have something very BIG. That is Ridgefield’s future.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from an economically stronger Ridgefield. When more jobs are created for locals, and when more services and amenities exist – we all win.

It’s time for out-ofthe-box, smart thinking. Ready. Set. Go.