As we struggle through the challenges of a pandemic, local community groups which in normal times help those in need or enhance our lives, are also struggling. Social distancing requirements have caused the cancellation of fundraising events, donations are down, and volunteer participation has decreased.

To assist, we’re showcasing the work – and the needs – of several community groups here. Please consider helping if you can do so.

Here are the questions we put forth to these groups:

1. What is your most
pressing goal?

2. What obstacles do you
face in reaching this goal?

3. How can our community
help you in reaching
your goals?


A 100% volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit food and clothing bank that provides services to community members in need.

Meeting the needs of a growing number of people in financial distress due to the pandemic. We serve over 350 people a month now, up from around 200 prior to Covid-19.

Fewer volunteers due to Covid-19 have resulted in limited service hours. Also, we do our record-keeping manually because we don’t have a computer and have no funds to purchase one.

3. HOW TO HELP Donations of cash are needed as utilities and insurance require funds. And donations of labeled, sealed/unopened food items, child and adult clothing, school supplies, kitchen utensils, and small household items are gladly accepted. Volunteers are always needed, including assistance with our website.

For more information contact Pam Bong by
calling 360.887.3354 or find Neighbors Helping Neighbors on Facebook. To make a cash donation send a check to the address below or visit and click the “Donate” button. Hours of operation at 21814 NW 11th St. are Tuesdays from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The Ridgefield Art Association has been actively “Supporting the Arts in our Community” since its inception in 1994.

1. GOAL Our current goal is to find more ways to promote the Ridgefield Arts Quarter in downtown Ridgefield in partnership with the City of Ridgefield. One way is through the S.O.A.R (Sculpture Out and Around Ridgefield) program. The goal of this project is to showcase three new sculptures every other year with the intent to purchase at least one. We would like to build up a larger display of permanent art sculptures in Ridgefield.

The project needs adequate funding to be successful. Monies will go to creating secure bases to mount artwork, and funding to purchase sculptures.

3. HOW TO HELP  The community can help us reach this goal by becoming a sponsor/donating funds to support this project.

For more information about Ridgefield
Art Association and how to donate visit

FOUNDED IN 1938- The Lions Club is Ridgefield’s oldest community service club. Where there is a need, there is a Lion!

1. GOAL Finding ways to continue to raise funds to serve Ridgefield. Lions awards tens of thousands of dollars a year for local needs, and we raise our funds through community fundraisers, most of which have been cancelled this year.

The pandemic itself. We have had some online fundraisers and love it when people take part, but it doesn’t replace the $40,000 we raise at our Clark County Fair food booth alone, along with other fundraisers.

Go to our website to donate directly. Support our NEW Lions Christmas Tree lot at the new baseball stadium this winter. Watch for other social media opportunities from the Ridgefield Lions.

For more information contact Sean Guard by
calling 360.903.3000, email, or visit

FRNWR is a non-profit promoting the educational programs of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and protecting and enhancing its wildlife habitat.
1. GOAL Through our programs bringing the Refuge – and nature as well – to people at home right now.

Not being able to meet in person and a drop-off in donations.

Share our posts, newsletters, and messages. Or donate – any little bit helps. To do so visit and click the DONATE button.

For more information contact Samantha Zeiner at or Anna Wilde, Or visit or

The American Legion provides assistance and guidance for veterans, military personnel, their families and communities.

The most pressing goal of Post 44 of the American Legion and Auxiliary in Ridgefield is to increase membership.

2. OBSTACLES Increasing membership and finding active duty military, veterans and their families who live in our community to be a part of our organization and help serve the community. We believe members will have an instant bond with people who share similar experiences.
Another obstacle is the impact of the pandemic, which disallows our ability to meet in person.

3. HOW TO HELP Please help us spread the word. We meet monthly on the 1st Tuesday, via Zoom, during the pandemic.

For more information contact Jen McDonnell, Vice Commander, 360.487.9098 or facebook.