A shout out to Scott Hughes, who retained his seat in the 2019 election and in 2020 will begin his 11th year as a Port of Ridgefield commissioner.

Hughes was appointed to the commission in 2008 due to the passing of longtime Commissioner Roy Randel, who was two years into his term at the time of his death. Hughes was then elected for a four-year term in a special election in 2009 and re-elected in 2013.

With Commissioner Hughes’ reelection, his work to develop 21st century broadband infrastructure to support a 21st century economy for Ridgefield will continue. He i s also a strong proponent o f bringing advanced applied manufacturing to the Discovery Corridor and he’s committed to working with Clark College and the City of Ridgefield to begin development of the college’s campus at Boschma Farms.

Commissioner Hughes was also elected 2020 Chair of the Regional Transportation Council, which coordinates and advocates for regional infrastructure needs such as the I-5 bridge replacement.
For more on RTC visit rtc.wa.gov.

“2020 is going to have an infrastructure focus for me,” Hughes said, “I’m really excited to bring a Ridgefield perspective to the region and vice-versa.”

Hughes is one of three commissioners who oversee operations at the Port of Ridgefield. Port commissioners are elected to staggered, 6-year terms. Congratulations Commissioner Hughes – We look forward to more of his insight, knowledge and thoughtful leadership!