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Use Fees

2023 Annual Use Permits are NOW available for Ridgefield residents ONLY!
Please purchase annual use permits at the port office or  download this form, fill it out and return to the port with your appropriate payment.

Use Fees
Our facilities include parking areas, boat launch and day docks, restrooms and picnic areas – all of which need to be maintained on a regular basis. Payment of your use fee helps us provide this service.

All facilities are ADA accessible.  There are two ways to pay the required use fees:

Day Use
Non-Ridgefield residents, occasional or one-time users may prefer to pay a DAY USE fee of $12. Find a ticket machine onsite.

The ticket machine will accept both debit and all credit cards, including American Express. It is, however, unable to process a ticket purchase with cash. Annual use passes are not available with the machine.

Annual Use
Ridgefield resident boat launch users may prefer to purchase an annual use permit.  The fee is $50.

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Who Should Pay the Use Fee?
Vehicles with boat trailers must pay boat launch use fee. Other vehicles are able to access the port waterfront without paying the fee.

Port Offices – 111 W. Division Street, Ridgefield, Washington 98342

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays.

Mail –  download this form, fill it out and return to the port with your appropriate payment.

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