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Ridgefield and the surrounding areas are a hiker’s delight. Hikers and walkers alike have numerous opportunities to get out and move among the greenery and breathtaking views. These options include:

  • The Ridgefield Waterfront: Find this picturesque, 1.5 mile round-trip paved walking path on the port’s waterfront property, starting at the boat launch. Watch boaters and kayakers, and spot wildlife on Carty Lake. Click here for a trail map.
  • The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge: Located in the heart of Ridgefield, this national treasure features unique habitat and wildlife. Located along a major waterfowl migratory route, numerous bird species land here to rest and recuperate before continuing their journeys. Whether you want to stroll with a camera in hand or take a jog, the refuge offers three major trails for your enjoyment and a wide array of wildflowers, birds and other wildlife for you to enjoy along the way.
  • Gee Creek Exploration Trail: Enjoy trailblazing? This is the hike for you. While not a maintained trail, this option is open to the public and allows you to experience a rugged natural path along the gentle Gee Creek.

The Pacific Northwest is a hiking paradise, and in Ridgefield you’ll have access to a variety of options. Strap on your hiking boots and prepare to be amazed!

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