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Nestled in the heart of Ridgefield, the National Wildlife Refuge provides a memorable birding opportunity for enthusiasts and first-time watchers alike. This national treasure contains 5,300 acres of lush wetlands, grasslands, forests, and riparian corridors, all nurtured by a mild and rainy climate that makes it an ideal environment for neotropical song birds, waterfowl, and many other local, native species.

Located in the center of the Pacific Flyway, this refuge, with its wetlands, croplands, and natural floodplains, supports more than 220 species of birds, many of them leaving their breeding grounds in Arctic Canada and Alaska and heading to their wintering homes in Baja California or South America. The lower Columbia wetlands, located in Ridgefield and at the refuge, provide a vital stopping place for these stunning creatures.

Heron in the reeds
Small bird

Diverse Experiences

The refuge is sectioned off into five areas, each offering a unique habitat. Two sections are open to the public and include driving and/or walking trails where you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna, including a vast array of birds. The other three sections remain a wildlife sanctuary, free from human interference. With increasing developement in Ridgefield, these sanctuary areas enable these beautiful creatures to thrive, undisturbed.

Whether you love strolling along quiet paths and observing wildlife, or have your camera in hand to capture some incredible shots, the National Wildlife Refuge is truly the destination for you! Enjoy walking trails, an auto tour route, and a wide variety of other opportunities to observe and enjoy unique and breathtaking wild creatures in healthy habitats.

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