Your Questions About Our Great History and Current Governance, Answered! Do you have questions about the port? We’re happy to answer them! Read below for our most frequently-asked questions, and feel free to contact us!

What is a Port?
A port in the State of Washington is classified as a special purpose district whose function is to spur economic activity in a community. Ports are their own public agencies known as ‘municipal corporations’ – not part of city or county governments.

How is a port district created?
A port is created by a majority vote of the people within the proposed port district. The Port of Ridgefield was organized in this manner in 1940 to ensure public ownership of our waterfront and promote economic development.

How is the Port of Ridgefield governed?
The Port of Ridgefield is governed by a three-member port commission. They are elected by a vote of the people and serve a six-year term. The port is administered by an executive director who is appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Does the City of Ridgefield have administrative control over the port or vice-versa?
The City of Ridgefield and the Port of Ridgefield are separate public agencies. Although these entities do work closely together and in cooperation on many projects, they are separate bodies, governed by separate elected officials and run by separate administrations.