Bruce Wisemanby Bruce Wiseman, Commissioner

It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us who live in and appreciate Ridgefield that our town and surrounding area is appealing to visitors. The wildlife refuge, Lake River, kayaking, boating and fishing, incredible natural beauty – what’s not to like?

Unlike many communities that trade on their built environment, Ridgefield has a natural side. We didn’t create it, but we can preserve, protect and enjoy our natural environment.

As the Portland-Metro area grows, Ridgefield has been discovered. More visitors will come. The law of numbers dictates that more urban dwellers means more people looking for recreational outlets. Ridgefield’s close proximity makes it an ideal place to experience nature as an escape from the hubbub for an afternoon.

The good news about these visitors – or tourists if you want to call them that – is that generally-speaking, people who come here to enjoy nature also understand the need to be care-takers of it. These visitors are less-likely than some to leave trash in their wake or be careless with the beauty of this place.

These environmental tourists also bring money to our community and support local business. This cycle of inter-dependence bodes well for Ridgefield. By taking care of our environment, we’ve created a quality place to live and visit. With the money that comes from visitors seeking to enjoy the nature we protect, our economy is made healthier, helping those who choose to live here and do business here.

Thus by maintaining a healthy environment Ridgefield will sustain a healthy economy. I’d say that as a community, we should be proud we did it right.