Opportunity FAQs

Review our business-related frequently asked questions to learn more about what the Port of Ridgefield has to offer. Have a question that isn’t addressed below? We are here for you!

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What is a Port?
A Port in the State of Washington is classified as a special purpose district whose function is to spur economic activity in a community. Ports are their own government entities – not part of city or county governments.

Does the Port collect taxes?
Yes, the Port collects a property tax levy on land within the Port District. The 2012 property tax rate for the Port was $.26 per $1000 of assessed value, or $26 for property valued at $100,000. In 2011 the Port collected $416,244 from this tax.

What makes up the Port’s revenue budget?
About 20 percent of the Port’s revenue comes through local property taxes. The rest of the budget is primarily comprised of state and federal money to operate the environmental cleanup at the Lake River Industrial Site. The Port also earns and invests dollars through its real estate and economic development activities.  Tax revenue is never used to fund operations at the Port, all tax dollars are invested in Port projects.

How do I arrange for a tour of the Port facilities?
To schedule a tour contact the Port at (360) 887-3873 or info@portridgefield.org.