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The Port of Ridgefield operates as a Community Port. In addition to land development, the Port focuses its economic development-mandated efforts on infrastructure projects and innovative problem-solving to generate business growth and jobs that help to reduce the tax burden for citizens; environmental improvements, and other lifestyle enhancements for community benefit. While a small port, it has a track record of record of successfully tackling complex challenges.

Location is Everything
On the I-5 corridor, Ridgefield is a fast-growing suburb in the Portland-Vancouver Metro region – an international trade hub and dynamic business environment.

With business and population growth spreading northward coupled with Ridgefield’s abundance of development acreage, relatively low-cost housing and outstanding schools and lifestyle opportunities, the community is attractive to large and small businesses and home to an educated workforce.

Discovery Corridor
In addition to Ridgefield’s many location advantages, the port’s district, the Discovery Corridor, is an area that extends from approximately the I-205/I-5 junction north to La Center. The Discovery Corridor is being developed with a focus on medical, educational, innovation and technology-focused enterprises and activities.

Access to Education
A school district that outperforms most others in the region and state and proximity to Washington State University-Vancouver, the region’s only R&D college, assists in providing companies that locate here with an educated workforce. Additionally, Clark College, the region’s largest community college, purchased property in Ridgefield and plans to develop a north Clark County campus here.

Ribbon Cutting 2
Port of Ridgefield Commissioners, staff and elected officials from around the region celebrate the grand opening of the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife offices in Ridgefield - a Port developed project.
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