2018: It’s Time to Invest

by Brent Grening, CEO

In 2018, roads, bridges and broadband infrastructure will be part of the national debate.  Investment in local infrastructure will bring jobs and economic growth to SWW and lift our state and our region.  We’re the growth center for a metro of 2.4 million people.  We’re attractive and affordable – so more residential growth is surely on the way north – making this a great place to grow jobs. But jobs and the economy are built on infrastructure, so we have a choice. Are we going to invest now or defer to another day?

If we want safe, healthy, sustainable communities, we must get infrastructure right.  If we want prosperity, we need modern infrastructure connecting us to the metro and to the world. People, freight and data all need to move – because when they do, we thrive.

The people of SWW are a great investment. Better infrastructure will make us a stronger, healthier region and state.  The key to infrastructure is having the political will to fund it – our leaders must believe that investment in infrastructure is an investment in the potential of our people.  With modern infrastructure we can compete with anyone, anywhere.

Keeping our infrastructure up to snuff is expensive – but neglecting it is truly foolish. Under-investing hurts us now; it sets us back.  It allows the problem to get worse and makes solutions more expensive and less effective.

If we pull together, we can ensure our infrastructure is safe, cost-effective and efficient.  The Port of Ridgefield believes state-of-the-art infrastructure is the best way to ensure many happy, prosperous New Years to come – and that is our wish for you and yours.