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Defy Gravity In the Columbia River Gorge!

If you love both surfing and sailing, you will adore windsurfing! This sport combines elements of both pasttimes and uses a board, 2.5-3 meters long, powered by wind in a sail.

This heart-pumping activity can take individuals up to heights unreachable in a traditional sailboat or on a surf board, allowing them to jump, loop, and spin the craft with freestyle moves that evolve with practice. Those who love windsurfing say they experience a sense of being “One” with the wind and water – an incredible claim for any sport!

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The Columbia River Gorge, just a brief drive from Downtown Ridgefield, is an inspiring and near-perfect setting for novice and experienced windsurfers. With stunning views, scenic sites to launch your craft, and ideal wind conditions, the Gorge offers the perfect place to enjoy this dynamic activity.

Come for the weather conditions, stay for the community. On any summer day, you will see countless windsurfers from around the globe and all walks of life cruising the waves, defying gravity and personal limitations. For more information, visit