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Ridgefield and surrounding areas are a hiker’s delight! Hikers and walkers alike have numerous opportunities to get out and move among the greenery and breathtaking views. These options include:

  • The National Wildlife Refuge: Located in the heart of Ridgefield, this national treasure features fauna you won’t see anywhere else! Located along a major migratory route, numerous bird species land here to rest and recuperate before continuing their journeys. Whether you want to stroll with a camera in hand or take a jog, the refuge offers three major trails for your enjoyment and a wide array of waterfowl, widlflowers, and other wildlife for you to enjoy along the way.
  • Gee Creek Exploration Trail: Enjoy trailblazing? This is the hike for you. While not a maintained trail, this option is open to the public and allows you to experience a rugged natural path along the gentle Gee Creek.
  • Lower Columbia River Water Trail: This trail begins at the boat launch at the end of Mill Street and Lake River and winds through the lowland areas of the Lewis River, Lake River, Bachelor Slough, Vancouver Lake, and a section of the Lower Columbia River. Those interested in hiking with aquatic views will adore this trail, developed by Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation to share Clark County waterways with the public.
  • The Gorge:¬†Go for the breathtaking Multnomah Falls, stay for the lesser-known hikes nearby, including Ponytail and Wakeena Falls trails. Whether you hike, jog, walk, or just stroll and bask, the Gorge is full of wondrous hikes of all lengths, suited for all fitness levels.

The Pacific Northwest is a hikers’ paradise, and in Ridgefield, you have access to a wide variety of options. Strap on your hiking boots and prepare to be amazed!

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