The port today continues to be an engaging, ever-evolving place to live and work, thanks to ongoing development and an influx of exciting new businesses to the area.

Kids swimming at boat launch
Waterfront at morning with flock of birds
Port of Ridgefield aerial of 11th Street Buildings

This rolling stone gathers no moss. The port today is more active than ever, pursuing projects that improve the lives of residents and business owners alike and boosting visitation to the area.

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Millers' Landing, the Discovery Corridor, & More

Development, a major part of the port’s mission, continues today with full force. Under Grening’s leadership, the port is now housed at the Lake River Industrial site and employs seven administrative staff members.

Planning for Millers’ Landing, a mixed-use development, is in progress, which will make the Ridgefield waterfront even more accessible and pleasant. Located less than 30 minutes from downtown Portland and Vancouver, this stunning area is an incredible resource for residents and visitors alike, a place where they can enjoy boating, hiking, walking, picnicking, kayaking, and so much more.

WDFW - Our Newest Neighbor

Confirmed in early June of 2016, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife will be moving into a recently constructed building at the port’s Wisdom Ridge.

The space will function as the WDFW’s new regional headquarters. There the department will oversee local wildlife programs, customer service and fishery management. In a recent statement, Guy Norman, the former regional director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, stated, “Ridgefield is an ideal location for the region headquarters with quick access to the freeway and it’s closer to the majority of our field work than our current location in Vancouver. This site will enable us to conduct our field operations more efficiently and also provide convenient access for our customers.” (tdn.com)

Expected move-in date is June 2017.

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife logo
Port of Ridgefield aerial from east
Port of Ridgefield aerial from south

Our Doors Are Open

Look to Ridgefield for your next commercial or light industrial home. Discovery Ridge is ready for development and awaiting residents who seek close proximity to I-5, multiple tax incentives, and a community of like-minded locals and business owners who value economic freedom and the pursuit of progress. Contact us for more information on how you can become a part of this growing community!